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The first chronic program in the world to understand chronic pain signalling and effectively switch off chronic pain without medications or equipment.
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Please feel welcome to telephone us or email us (see below on this page for phone and email address). We apologise that calls we receive at the clinic from people (non-clients) who want free advice or support by phone, while we want to help we just don’t have the staff numbers to do so. So if you prefer to contact by phone, it will be necessary to leave a message including the reason for your call, in order to receive a return call from us.


In order to save you time and effort, below are some answers to common questions we are frequently asked.


Telephone: 0409 689 741

Overseas: +61 409 689 741



Is the Method Effective for Back Pain/Neck Pain/Shoulder Pain/Nerve Pain/Post-surgical Pain, etc etc?


Our clients and also our clinical trial participants, come to us with a very wide variety of chronic pain including those mentioned in the question. Other types of pain we’ve been able to assist with are phantom pain, arthritic pain, “nerve” pain and fibromyalgia.


We recognise that it can be very difficult for people to believe that their severe pain can be alleviated so easily, so we always endeavour, if there’s time, to demonstrate this as much as possible in the very first session.


What Proof Do You Have?


We’ve always been completely opposed to testimonials as proof, and I’ll give you an example of why. Almost everyone has heard of someone who has been able to quit smoking using hypnosis, and so the public perception is that hypnosis is helpful as a smoking cessation strategy. However when you look at overall success and failure rates for many people (as the famous Mayo clinic has done) we find that the success rate of hypnosis is less than 1%.


Testimonials are not proof because for every person who got a result (typically because of placebo effect) there can be literally thousands who did not.


So while we have testimonials, we don’t put them out as proof, merely as interesting stories that people might relate to.


The “proof” is in the clinical studies that we have run which have showed success rates in excess of 85% for SDR Therapy. Compared to rates of 35% for most other chronic pain treatments, this is truly outstanding.


Will I Eliminate My Pain Altogether?


Over 50% of our clients eliminate their pain altogether and can go back to normal life without pain, without flaring, and without medication. Of the remainder, the great majority are able to reduce their pain by more than half, quite quickly.


Which group you are in depends on whether or not you actually do the program, and are willing to take the time and make the effort to learn the method we teach you. This will mean spending at least 5 minutes each day practising the method, as well as leaning heavily on the support group which is available to you 24/7.


Going off on your own, without knowing whether or not you’re using the method correctly, is called doing it “half-baked” and is unlikely to get any result at all. We want you to lean on us, and recommend at least 3 or 4 sessions initially to ensure you proceed the right way.


How Long Does It Take?


The length of time required for treatment doesn’t depend on how long you’ve suffered, or how severe your pain is. What does matter is how complex your pain is. If you have a number of different pain areas, and if your pain is accompanied by depression, anxiety, sleep dysfunction or other problems, obviously there is a lot more to deal with and that will take more time. Progress in complex cases depends on how well people are willing to engage with the program.


Simply reading, talking, or thinking about things does not change them. We actually have to devise and implement strategies, and we actually have to use SDR Therapy to create change.


Because chronic pain tends to recur, we usually recommend the full 16-session program and offer discounts and payment plans in order to help cash flow.


What Is the Actual Method – How Does It Work?


The method requires experience to understand its mechanism. In layman’s terms we could say “we’re identifying the unusual things your brain does to trigger pain signalling, and then we’re disrupting that process permanently, so that it can’t trigger the pain any more”. The disruption method we use is to introduce other sensory stimulation and other evocative thoughts at the same time as we’re getting the person to concentrate on the pain sensations in a very precise and accurate way.


This explanation can be a real challenge for people to accept, because it doesn’t feel like the pain is coming from their brain. The pain is very real, and is experienced as emanating from the back, or the neck, or the hand or whatever. But we can show you, usually in the first session, that when we switch off that process in the brain, the pain gets switched off along with it.


It’s not unusual for people to be lost for words, or even cry, when they experience that sudden cessation of pain and realise they can finally do something about it.


Do You Have Failures?


Yes. There is no such thing as a 100% success rate, so we do have failures. At this time we don’t have an explanation for our small failure rate (less than 10%) except in cases where the person has not followed the program, or has kept using other methods which neither their doctor nor we approve of, and which may be making the problem worse (chiropractic manipulations can be a good example of the latter).


How Much Does It Cost?


The online program is $97 (Australian dollars) and you continue to have full access for 12 months so that you can keep coming back to it if you wish. Live sessions, done in the clinic or via Skype, are $250 (Australian) for a 50-minute session, and $270 if it is a workers compensation issue. There is no medical rebate at this time.