For Injury Management Specialists

How We Can Save $Billions Annually, Using a Novel Chronic Pain Treatment that Aims to Get People Back to Work More Comfortably and Quickly then Ever Before


This 15-minute video is a comprehensive presentation which:

  • Shows that employer workers compensation payouts have more than doubled in the last 11 years
  • Shows unfailing proof that current chronic pain treatments are failing for the majority of people
  • Explains precisely what is wrong with current treatments and provides the strongest evidence basis for a new treatment approach that can switch off pain signalling very rapidly for over 75% of people
  • Shows how this novel treatment is highly effective for psychological injury, and can prevent claims through earlier intervention
  • Invites further discussion in order to have your questions answered


This treatment method has been named “SDR” which stands for Sensory Disruption of Reconsolidation (of conditioned responses). This is an extinction strategy which should immediately replace inefficient inhibition strategies such as CBT and mindfulness.

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