Worldwide Clinical Trial in 2020
The first chronic program in the world to understand chronic pain signalling and effectively switch off chronic pain without medications or equipment.
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Worldwide Clinical Trial in 2020

We have an ongoing commitment to chronic pain research and are currently taking applications for our next trial early in March 2020. Information and forms can be found HERE and can be distributed to your medical team if you believe you may be a suitable candidate for the trial.

Purpose of Trial

This trial more robustly tests the effectiveness of SDR Therapy against a very wide range of other common treatments for non-malignant chronic pain without explanatory pathology. A variety of measures will be collected before and straight after the trial, as well as at 6 and 12-month follow up, and these will be compared with many other chronic pain treatments, including multi-disciplinary programs, in order to provide not only a clear view of relative effectiveness, but also to provide a full cost-benefit analysis so that we can help make SDR Therapy more accessible to people who are currently not being helped.

It is also hoped that the trial will attract interest from universities and other institutions globally in order to more quickly drive much-needed change.

How to Apply for the Trial

Just click HERE to read more and to download the documentation which your doctor will need in order to refer you.

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