Client Education
The first chronic program in the world to understand chronic pain signalling and effectively switch off chronic pain without medications or equipment.
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Deciding Whether to Request an Appointment?

We always want to ensure that clients are informed about the SDR Chronic Pain Program before booking an appointment, and this means educating about the types of chronic pain which we can (or cannot) help with. This is why we ask you to do this simple pre-reading before filling out your survey and requesting an appointment.


This free educational program covers:


    1. Why You Have Pain and Others Do Not
    2. What Your Chronic Pain is Trying to Tell You
    3. What You Can Do about Your Chronic Pain and What You Cannot
    4. How Your SDR Therapists Works with You to Eliminate or Greatly Reduce Your Chronic Pain


Fill out the form below in order to start this short educational program to help you decide your next step:


Client Education Series