| Important New Treatment Breakthrough for Chronic Pain – Perth Western Australia
The first chronic program in the world to understand chronic pain signalling and effectively switch off chronic pain without medications or equipment.
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Important New Treatment Breakthrough for Chronic Pain – Perth Western Australia

Free Information Sessions on MDR Therapy for Chronic Pain

Whatever you do, don’t miss this vital information. Whether you are the sufferer, or whether it is a friend or family member, this groundbreaking new treatment is giving hope to people all over the world.

In June 2017 we’ll be holding information sessions to launch this new treatment method for chronic pain which is getting results even for people who’ve tried everything and yet nothing has worked.

We will:

  • Explain exactly why current treatments work no better than placebo and why it is not your fault that you still have pain
  • Show our own clinical research which demonstrates our method achieves rapid relief from chronic pain for around 85% of people
  • Show hundreds of other research papers from independent researchers which support our method
  • Explain how our MDR Chronic Pain Treatment Method actually works and what clients need to do to achieve success, without equipment, without medication, and without disrupting your life
  • Make sure we leave time to have your important questions answered


How to book your place at a free information session

You can attend a free information session, either live in Perth, or via Facebook Live if that’s not convenient. In these sessions we briefly explain this new paradigm for chronic pain, as well as our treatment process. We dedicate the rest of the session to your questions.

Simply fill out the form below, including asking any particular questions you personally might like addressed in the information session, and we’ll keep you updated as sessions become available.


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